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GEODE: establishing the framework for developing the Galileo PRS military user segment

8th February 2021

        A crucial and decisive step towards the development of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) military User Segment has been taken today with the Kick off Meeting of the GEODE (GalilEO for EU DEfence) project. This project managed under the aegis of the Belgian, French, German,...

EPICURE project launched to define an EGNOS integrity service for payment and liability-critical road applications

6th October 2020

FDC is proud to participate to the EPICURE project, expected to shape the future EGNOS integrity service for road insurance telematics. Recent European studies identified the road sector among the most promising for EGNOS where the generated benefits were extensively proven particularly for the so...

New generation of GNSS user terminals implementing the Galileo authentication capability

14th May 2018

FDC recently started the PATROL project that aims to develop, supply and test Galileo’s Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OS NMA). PATROL will deliver a market-ready technology that guarantees robust and secure positioning using Galileo’s OS-NMA capability. This next generation...