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FDC in a Nutshell

For over 30 years, FDC has offered a unique blend of expertise in Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT), Earth Observation, Telecom and Security to private and public stakeholders of both the civilian and the military domains. Relying on a rich understanding of institutional decision-making processes as well as on a strong knowledge of the industrial environment, FDC’s experts are very well equipped to understand your needs.

We deploy tailor-made teams of highly qualified consultants to perform:

  • Business Consulting and Programme Management
  • Technology Consulting
  • Research, Development and Innovation

FDC’s experts embody all the values that make FDC’s DNA:

  • Technical Excellence
  • Impartial Vision
  • Responsiveness & Flexibility

Customer satisfaction is our “raison d’être“!


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•   September 1989: FDC Creation – Headquarters in Paris periphery – Vincennes, France

•   First French Ministry of Defense technical support contracts on:

  • GNSS
  • Aeronautical
  • Security
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

•   First European Commission support contract on European GNSS Programmes development


•   First EUROCONTROL contract on Satellite Navigation

•   First ESA support contract for a GNSS Office

•   Recommendation towards EU and National Institutions for consideration of security aspects – Controlled Access Service – on the future Galileo Programme

•   GNSS 2 (Galileo) Forum

•   Foundation of the ORganisation of European GNSS INdustry of equipment and service (OREGIN)


•   Acquisition of an EADS (now Airbus) subsidiary specialised in Air Command and Control System (ACCS)

•   “Best paper” award on GNSS Authentication mechanisms at NAVSAT 2002 international conference

•   Foundation of the Galileo Services organisation, a network gathering more than 150 companies

•   First European Commission support contract on Copernicus (formerly GMES)


•   First European Commission contract on European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)

•   First contract with the European GNSS Agency (GSA) on an EGNOS Business Study

•   First contract on SatCom programme for Egyptian Civil Aviation Authorities

•   Launching of R&D activities on GNSS and Security


•   Development of a Geo time tagging product – GEODatage – using SBAS time

•   First European Commission contract on International Cooperation related to GNSS

•   FDC becomes a member of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC)

•   Development of TACOT, a trusted GNSS prototype for Digital Tachograph

•   Co-organisation of 33 “European Space Expos” accross the European Union, gathering more than 1M visitors


•   Development of FOSTER ITS, a trusted and resilient GNSS module for automotive applications

•   Organisation of the 1st Galileo PRS Pilot Project Demonstration dedicated to Timing & Synchronisation applications

•   FDC operates as a member of the Copernicus Support Office

•  Organisation of the first and second Galileo User Consultation Platform (UCP)

•   Organisation of 12 Copernicus Training and Information sessions in various EU Member States

•   Full scale pilots of the FOSTER module in sensitive fleet management applications

•   Organisation of trainings on first Pre-operational PRS receivers (P3RS2)

•  Support in the drafting of the last issues of the GNSS Technology (n°1 & 2) and Market (n° 4, 5 & 6) Reports

•   FDC becomes STMicroelectronics Partner

•   Release of Initial industrial Secured GNSS module samples (DRACONAV)



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